This directory is for every business in Mineral County. We want to be able to show off each and every business that is operating in Mineral County on this page. Your listing is part of paid membership, you can build yourself a traffic catcher site TCS that is linked to your directory listing and populate a catalog of up to 1000 items which is easily linked with paypal.

The purpose of this directory is to allow everyone to buy local, to search for items sold in Mineral County and when items are not found if you are on this directory we will send out the lead to everyone that an item or service was searched for and not found. The directory listing is part of your membership, and our service to assist you to set up your local website which is part of paid membership, make an appointment with us today. If you would like  business counseling services, please contact the office for an appointment with Shelley. We offer bookkeeping classes, NxLevel training, and other adult mentoring opportunities as funding permits, check in at our office on 901 E St, or call 775 945 5896