Who is the Mineral County Economic Development Authority?

Our Mission Statement

Mineral County Economic Development Authority is a private nonprofit agency that coordinates with local state and federal agencies to further the economic and social condition of all Mineral County residents, through effective communication, public education and all means available.
Our Organization

Mineral County Economic Development Authority is a 501-C-3 private nonprofit organized for the purpose of industry attraction, job creation and community development and education. We are the recognized Economic Development office for Mineral county. The state, site selectors and private citizens provide us with leads for new industry. Leads can be a letter, phone call or other information from any source that would give us the opportunity to invite a new company to town.

We provide assistance with community and economic development, site selection, government liaison, local representation, temporary office space, workforce development, applications, job fairs, recruitment, education, business consulting, business plan development and micro-loans and any reasonable service to help bring jobs to the community.

Our office services include but are not limited to:
  • Economic Development--All Aspects
  • Nevada Licensing Requirements
  • Mineral County Requirements
  • Workforce Development
  • Technology resource center 1 Computer
  • Small business development assistance
  • Business Training Seminars such as NxLevel, Quickbooks, How to Sell on E-Bay
  • Employment applications, Job Fairs, application distribution
  • Unemployment applications
  • Tourism Event Development
  • Community coordination and collaboration
  • Regional coordination and collaboration
  • Resume assistance.
  • Art as an economic engine
  • Redevelopment opportunities

Local businesses are welcome to:
  • post job openings on our job bulletin board by calling 775 945 5896
  • partner with us to develop new events
  • develop business plan
  • Partner to host job fairs
  •  Put together tours of the area or the base.
We are here for all Mineral County citizens to assist in reaching their business development goals, employment goals and business expansion dreams.

We’re open Monday through Thursday 9 - 5

Our partners are:  SBA: Nevada Small Business Development Centers,    Western Nevada Development District, Mineral County Member Businesses
  Business Education and Nevada Microenterprise Loans, as well as NxLevel Classes, are a small sample of our available services. We   also offer new classes if there is interest in other classes, such as: How to Sell on E-Bay, Quickbooks, and Small Business Startup Planning. Please call our office at (775) 945-5896, if interested.

NxLevel (the "next level") classes run periodically as funded, no funding since 2015, we have offered 13 weekly sessions, both in our Class Room and Online. This Training covers all aspects in the life of a Business, and can help you jump start yours. The classes fill up quickly, so watch for, or ask us about, the next opportunities for NxLevel training. Call (775) 945-5896 for more information, or sign up at the MCEDA office at 950 E Street in Hawthorne, across from the Munitions Museum in the Convention Center/USO
Studies that define Mineral County

Military Industry Demand Analysis
MGA Strategy
MGA Presentation
Paid for by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development

ARMS Army Industrial Space Reutilization Economic Development Program

NorthernNvision - Mineral County Community Survey

Mineral County Visioning Document -- Nevada Commission on Economic Development Grant

Our Location

Mineral County is large, and there is lots of room for you to settle in and become part of our community. We’re located within 12 hours of all Pacific Coast Markets via highway, air and rail, and are only three and a half hours away from Reno & Tahoe Airports, Mammoth Recreational Area and Yosemite National Park.

The Walker River Band of Paiutes is in the northern portion of the county and the Hawthorne Weapon and Ammunition Depot covers 230 square miles around the town of Hawthorne. We have great recreation at Walker Lake, a desert terminal lake that offers fishing, boating, swimming, jet skis, water skiing and bird watching.

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